About Us

EENOUR is a newly founded brand in 2020, bringing together members with more than 5 years of in-depth knowledge and experience in the Japanese portable power supply market.
We aim to enter the portable power market and provide more customer-oriented and more flexible outdoor power solutions.

EENOUR provides safe and secure electric power

EENOUR understands. People who go outdoors want to charge their various devices safely and securely, without being limited by time or location.

EENOUR is equipped with small portable power supplies that are easy to carry, as well as large-capacity types to meet a variety of needs. From one-day camping to three- or four-day overnight stays in a car, you can spend your time without worrying about power.

EENOUR harnesses power from the sun

EENOUR understands. The desire of those who are looking for an environmentally friendly way to generate electricity while constantly securing power outdoors.

From small solar chargers for smartphones to solar panels that can charge home electricity and portable power sources, adopt eco-friendly solar power with EENOUR.

EENOUR builds “outdoor+”

EENOUR understands. Lots of car owners and outdoor enthusiasts are looking for useful goods and tools that they “wish they had”.

In addition to portable power sources and solar panels, EENOUR also offers lighting tools and other useful accessories to help overnight car owners.

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