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EENOUR Spot Air Conditioner 1.0|QN650


Excellent cooling performance

The product uses a high quality compressor and R134a (150g) refrigerant (filled volume) to reach a cooling capacity of 0.69kW.

Three-step airflow adjustment

The ability to switch between three levels of airflow (light, light, and strong) makes it attractive to use according to one's preference.

Lightweight and easy to carry

Its compact size and sturdy handle make it easy to carry, even for the physically weak or women.

EENOUR Spot Air Conditioner 2.0|QN750


Industry's first ventilation system

The dual ventilation system ensures smooth air circulation between indoor and outdoor spaces without negative pressure.

Excellent cooling performance

Compared to commercial products that use a single-cylinder compressor (2.0 cc cold air displacement), this product uses a high-quality compressor (4.6 cc cold air displacement) with two cylinders to achieve a cooling capacity of 0.85 kW and a quiet design.

Convenient to carry

Weighing only 10.0 kg, its compact size and sturdy handle make it easy for even the weakest of people to carry.