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EENOUR Metal Detector GC-1078


Upgraded Chip & Deeper Detection

Equipped with an upgraded DSP chip that uses the latest integrated circuits to improve the detection depth of a quarter coin up to 10", 40% deeper than others. Made of anti-interference material, provides you with a more efficient and more accurate hunting journey.

5 Modes & 7 Type Target Metals

This professional metal detector features 5 operational modes: ALL METAL, DISC, NOTCH, PP, and MEMORY Mode. Equipped with 7 category target metals discrimination compared to others only 4, you can find your desired target more precisely and more easily with EENOUR.

Unique LCD Design & Adjust Easily

Features a stylish dashboard LCD display, 3" x 2" large size, showing the detection dynamics intuitively. The 28" to 48" adjustable special square stem is different from most round ones, you only need 1 step to adjust the stem. EENOUR makes your hunting journey unique and fashionable.

IP68 Waterproof & Lightweight

The 10" large waterproof search coil has a 20% wider search range compared to others. Only 2.2lbs with an ergonomic anti-slip handle and forearm padding makes your treasure hunting without any fatigue. You can carry it easily to search beaches, streams, etc. (Note: the control box is not waterproof)
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EENOUR Metal Detector GC-1072


3 Easy Detection Modes

EENOUR metal detector features 3 operational modes: ALL METAL, DISC, and PP mode. ALL-M mode searches for all metals, DISC mode eliminates the metal you don't want. PP mode helps you locate the target metal precisely. Every mode is very simple and easy to use, very friendly to a new hunter.

8" Detect Depth & 8.5" Large Coil

Equipped with better accuracy and high sensitivity smart DSP chip, greatly improves the detection depth of a quarter coin up to 8", 25% deeper than others. 8.5" search coil provides you with a wide search range and a perfect hunting experience. You'll get treasure easier with EENOUR.

Intuitive LCD Display & Waterproof

The LCD display with a backlight button shows the detection dynamics intuitively at any time, including the metal goal, sens, depth, and battery condition. IP68 waterproof certification allows you to explore the underwater world, like beaches and streams. (Note: the control box is not waterproof )

Easy Adjustable & Lightweight

37" to 47" adjustable stem applicable to different heights suits both adults and kids. Only 2.1lbs lightweight with an ergonomic armrest and anti-slip handle makes your hunting journey without any fatigue. It's very easy to carry around for spending your family time, like camping or traveling.
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EENOUR Metal Detector GC-1011


Free of Assembly & Easy to Use

Special telescoping and completely wireless design solve your assembly and storage troubles. Just unfold the detector and fold it back up again when you’re done, making it especially good for children and beginners. With just one press operation, start treasure hunting immediately. Get one and explore nature right now!

LCD Detection & High Accuracy

Features advanced DSP chip making detection more efficient, the detection depth of a coin is up to 6", 34% deeper than others. 3 detecting modes and a smart control panel with a backlit LCD display help kids find treasures more easily. Accurate detection gives kids a thrill happy experience.

29"-45 "Adjustable & Waterproof

Ergonomic design and only weighing 1.5lbs lightweight make kids' hunting journey without any fatigue even for a long time. The adjustable stem extends from 29" to 40", suitable for kids and teens of different heights. IP68 waterproof allows for detecting treasure no matter fields, yards, streams, rivers, or beaches. (Note: the control box is not waterproof)
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