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EENOUR Car-mounted Refrigerator S-series



Equipped with a powerful compressor which is similar to a household refrigerator, this car freezer in empty is able to cool down to 32℉from 77℉ within 10 minutes, and reach the lowest -4℉ about 65 minutes by MAX mode for fast cooling. You could choose ECO mode for energy-saving or HH mode for fast cooling. Our car portable fridge average energy consumption is only 45W, which will benefit your wallet.


Dual storage areas can reduce odor which allows you to store a variety of food while keeping fresh. It's recommended to store food that easily spoils or melts in the freezer and to store fruit, vegetable, nuts, and drinks in the fridge. You can set the left zone temperature between -4℉~ 50℉(-20°C~ 10°C). The right zone is not actively cooled, and the temperature cannot be set.


With 12/24V DC and 110/240V AC adapter, you can cool stuff with this electric cooler at home or in your car during or connect a portable power station during picnic, barbecue, travel, boating, fishing and camping trip. Three (low, medium, and high) battery protection functions at different levels, which can protect your vehicle battery from running out. All this is for you to enjoy the road trips.


The running sound of the portable car refrigerator is 49db, which provides a comfortable environment without disturbing your families in the car. With an non-slip base, when your car is climbing at an inclination angle of 30 degrees, the car freezer can still run stably.


With two hidden handles that can rotate 180°, which increase its portability and perfect for outdoor activities. Besides it saves your time to re-set with memory function for next time. The built-in LED light design let you easily to get things at night. We offer a 1-year quality assurance. If you have any questions about our car freezer, please freely contact us.

EENOUR Cold/Hot Storage|CB-13L


One unit with two functions cold/warm storage

It is a cold/warm storage unit that can be used for both hot and cold storage and is very useful in all seasons.

13L large capacity

It can hold drinks from 300 ml to 2 L. In addition to drinks, it can cool and store hand towels, cosmetics, snacks, seasonings, etc.

Excellent cold retention performance

The use of superior high-density urethane foam improves thermal insulation and airtightness for efficient cold and heat retention.

EENOUR Golf Rangefinder



Features a range of 3-1093 yards with +/- 1 yard accuracy, allows you lock onto a pin up to 328 yards away. Measuring speed range of 0-300km/h, reading speed <0.1s / time. Meet your all needs in one product.


Multi-layer coated optical lenses with 6X magnification can effectively reduce reflected light and increase light transmittance. Unlike the old black display, our OLED screen with Red and Green HD display brings you the clearest readings uneffected by weather or sunlight.


Equipped with 750mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery, Type-C charging interface, supporting 20,000 times measurements on single charge. Automatically switch off after 10 seconds of inactivity to avoid running out of battery power during daily use or tournament.

EENOUR Hat Press CH2240

This product is a new pre-sale product, and the expected delivery time in the United States is late-March.

【New Professional Hat Press】

The hat press is with a 5.5"×3.5" curved ceramic-coated heat plate, which can perfectly fit and have a pro-level heat-transfer result on caps. No pressure is required and no creases are left on caps.

【3 Heat Levels Adjustable】

You can press the power button to cycle 3 heat levels for different hats and pattern materials, very easy and convenient to use. Widely compatible with sublimation, heat transfer vinyl(HTV), and infusible ink projects.

【2 Press Bases for All Caps】

The portable hat press comes with 2 press bases that can fit all types of caps. The curved base is best for baseball caps, trucker hats, golf caps, and more, and the other rounded base (unfilled) is perfect for bucket hats, and beach hats.

EENOUR Metal Detector GC-1011


Free of Assembly & Easy to Use

Special telescoping and completely wireless design solve your assembly and storage troubles. Just unfold the detector and fold it back up again when you’re done, making it especially good for children and beginners. With just one press operation, start treasure hunting immediately. Get one and explore nature right now!

LCD Detection & High Accuracy

Features advanced DSP chip making detection more efficient, the detection depth of a coin is up to 6", 34% deeper than others. 3 detecting modes and a smart control panel with a backlit LCD display help kids find treasures more easily. Accurate detection gives kids a thrill happy experience.

29"-45 "Adjustable & Waterproof

Ergonomic design and only weighing 1.5lbs lightweight make kids' hunting journey without any fatigue even for a long time. The adjustable stem extends from 29" to 40", suitable for kids and teens of different heights. IP68 waterproof allows for detecting treasure no matter fields, yards, streams, rivers, or beaches. (Note: the control box is not waterproof)

EENOUR Metal Detector GC-1072


3 Easy Detection Modes

EENOUR metal detector features 3 operational modes: ALL METAL, DISC, and PP mode. ALL-M mode searches for all metals, DISC mode eliminates the metal you don't want. PP mode helps you locate the target metal precisely. Every mode is very simple and easy to use, very friendly to a new hunter.

8" Detect Depth & 8.5" Large Coil

Equipped with better accuracy and high sensitivity smart DSP chip, greatly improves the detection depth of a quarter coin up to 8", 25% deeper than others. 8.5" search coil provides you with a wide search range and a perfect hunting experience. You'll get treasure easier with EENOUR.

Intuitive LCD Display & Waterproof

The LCD display with a backlight button shows the detection dynamics intuitively at any time, including the metal goal, sens, depth, and battery condition. IP68 waterproof certification allows you to explore the underwater world, like beaches and streams. (Note: the control box is not waterproof )

Easy Adjustable & Lightweight

37" to 47" adjustable stem applicable to different heights suits both adults and kids. Only 2.1lbs lightweight with an ergonomic armrest and anti-slip handle makes your hunting journey without any fatigue. It's very easy to carry around for spending your family time, like camping or traveling.

EENOUR Metal Detector GC-1078


Upgraded Chip & Deeper Detection

Equipped with an upgraded DSP chip that uses the latest integrated circuits to improve the detection depth of a quarter coin up to 10", 40% deeper than others. Made of anti-interference material, provides you with a more efficient and more accurate hunting journey.

5 Modes & 7 Type Target Metals

This professional metal detector features 5 operational modes: ALL METAL, DISC, NOTCH, PP, and MEMORY Mode. Equipped with 7 category target metals discrimination compared to others only 4, you can find your desired target more precisely and more easily with EENOUR.

Unique LCD Design & Adjust Easily

Features a stylish dashboard LCD display, 3" x 2" large size, showing the detection dynamics intuitively. The 28" to 48" adjustable special square stem is different from most round ones, you only need 1 step to adjust the stem. EENOUR makes your hunting journey unique and fashionable.

IP68 Waterproof & Lightweight

The 10" large waterproof search coil has a 20% wider search range compared to others. Only 2.2lbs with an ergonomic anti-slip handle and forearm padding makes your treasure hunting without any fatigue. You can carry it easily to search beaches, streams, etc. (Note: the control box is not waterproof)

EENOUR Portable Power Supply P2001



With the remarkable 2,000Wh of capacity and AC Max output 2,000W (4,000W Peak), this P2001 power station can power 99% of home devices, giving you confidence in any occasions. Perfect for outdoor off-grid activities including camping and RV, whilst suitable for home emergency use. Powering a host of your appliances - fridge, air conditioners, blenders, electric stoves, electric microwave ovens and more


1.5 hours from 0% to 100% made possible by 1100W AC input + 500W Anderson input. With a simple and speedy setup in 60 seconds, you can enjoy endless green power wherever you go. Bonus: full AC wall charge in 1.8 hours


6 AC ports, 2 USB-C (PD 100W), 2 USB-A (QC 3.0), 2 USB-A, 2 DC output, 1 car cigarette lighter outlet, 1 XT60 output always can service your various needs. This all-in-one power station is an indispensable choice for your DIY work, household emergency, power outage, Hurricans, going out camping, or traveling

EENOUR Solar Panel EB-200P


18V/36V Switchable & 200W Output

As the latest technology in the industry, the output voltage of the 200-watt solar panel can be switched between 18V and 36V, and the functionality has been improved compared to solar panels on the market that only have 18V. Moreover, solar panels support series/parallel connection.

Compatible with Power Stations

There is a built-in MC4 cable, the versatile 200W solar panel is widely compatible with most solar generators on the market, working well with power stations of Jackery, EF Ecoflow, Bluetti, and is especially great with the EENOUR P2001 (it's selling on Amazon EENOUR Direct Store). The built-in MPPT solar charge controller can help it charge with the highest efficiency, perfect for outdoor, camping, RV, van, and off-grid solar power generation.

Foldable & Adjustable Kickstands

This panel provides 200 Watts of solar and can be folded down to a quarter of its full size, only weight 11.7lb, very easy to carry. Each of the panels is with an adjustable kickstand and can be placed firmly on any surface ground. Multiple loops around the edges of the solar panel to accommodate a variety of mounting configurations like off the side of a truck or on a rope.

EENOUR Spot Air Conditioner 1.0|QN650


Excellent cooling performance

The product uses a high quality compressor and R134a (150g) refrigerant (filled volume) to reach a cooling capacity of 0.69kW.

Three-step airflow adjustment

The ability to switch between three levels of airflow (light, light, and strong) makes it attractive to use according to one's preference.

Lightweight and easy to carry

Its compact size and sturdy handle make it easy to carry, even for the physically weak or women.

EENOUR Spot Air Conditioner 2.0|QN750


Industry's first ventilation system

The dual ventilation system ensures smooth air circulation between indoor and outdoor spaces without negative pressure.

Excellent cooling performance

Compared to commercial products that use a single-cylinder compressor (2.0 cc cold air displacement), this product uses a high-quality compressor (4.6 cc cold air displacement) with two cylinders to achieve a cooling capacity of 0.85 kW and a quiet design.

Convenient to carry

Weighing only 10.0 kg, its compact size and sturdy handle make it easy for even the weakest of people to carry.

EENOUR Tumbler Mug Heat Press Machine CH2242 Green


All in One Tumbler Heat Press

The tumbler mug press is widely suitable for 12-30oz straight skinny sublimation tumblers, 16-30oz glasses, 11-16oz can coolers, mugs, and many other straight water bottles.

1 Minute Makes A 30oz Tumbler

The tumbler heat press can transfer cups faster and heat more evenly than sublimation ovens. If the tumbler is with a full wrap, it's recommended to rotate it 180° and heat press for 1 minute again.

Precise Temp & Timer Setting

The glass heat press machine supports 0-400℉ temperature and 0-999s countdown precise settings for different sizes and kinds of tumblers, glasses, cans, and cups.