The following is a clear statement regarding the products and services handled by the EENOUR store (limited to services provided by the Company), of which the Company is the seller, in accordance with Article 11 of the “Act on Specified Commercial Transactions”.

Selling price

The information will be posted on the web page of the product or service.

The purchaser shall pay the amount of money other than the price of the product or service fee.

  • Free basic shipping throughout Japan
    (*Additional shipping charges may apply for islands and some areas.)
  • Fees and commissions
  • Cash on delivery fee
  • Installment Payment Fee
  • bank transfer charge

Payment Method and Time of Payment for Products and Services

Payment methods available during the ordering process on the EENOUR Store web page will be indicated on the screen or by other means. The customer shall pay by the payment time specified by each payment method.

  • Payment methods currently being handled (may not be available for all products, services, and order procedures)

[Timing of delivery of goods and provision of services

The EENOUR Store will announce the timing (including the due date, period, adjustment of dates required, approximate date, etc.) by displaying the information on the EENOUR Store website or by other means.

Basically, if there is no specified date, we will ship within 1 to 5 business days after order confirmation.

Return of goods

Regardless of whether the merchandise received is defective, faulty, etc., it may be returned for the customer’s convenience only if all of the following (a) through (f) are met.

(a) The goods must be

(b) Not opened, unpacked or used.

(c) Not a made-to-order product or book.

(d) The product must not be scratched or damaged (except for those caused by our fault).

(e) Contact us by the method specified by us within 7 days of arrival.

(f) return the product to the address specified by the Company within 15 days from the date of such contact, with the shipping costs borne by the customer

Special agreement regarding inadequate or defective products (liability for nonconformity to contractual terms and conditions)

If a product purchased from the Company is defective or faulty, and all of the following (a) through (c) are met, the Company will replace the product. However, if there are circumstances under which the Company is unable to replace the product, the customer may request the Company to return or refund the product, and the Company shall comply with such request.

(a) The goods must be

(a) Notify the Company of any defects or deficiencies within 8 days (30 days in the case of products not covered by a manufacturer’s warranty or other warranty service) after receipt of the product by the method specified by the Company.

(c) Promptly return the product to the address specified by the Company after such contact (the Company will bear the shipping costs).

Except as specifically provided in the terms and conditions specific to the product or service (including terms and conditions), we will not replace or otherwise address any defects or deficiencies in the product or service purchased from us, except as provided above. However, if there is a problem with the goods delivered with the service, we will respond accordingly.

Operating environment

Indicate the operating environment for each product or service as necessary.

Distributors and service providers

YINO Electronic Commerce Co.




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