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F2000 & X2000

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Expandable Home Battery

Lifestyle of outdoors or whole home

F2000*X2000 supports easy living.
When the scene changes, manage your power with an all-new modular system that offers more convenience, more comfort.
Run 99% of Appliances with

Stronger loading capacity, the maximum load capacity is 3200W rated equipment.

E-Multiply Mode

Standard Mode

E-Combine up to 16kWh

Car Cooler (120W)


Laptop (49Wh)


Mini TV (150W)


Phone (11Wh)


Modular Capacity for Longer Usage
F(X), the total capacity of F2000 depends on the number of X2000 added.

Dual Charging

1000W solar + 1800W AC super fast charging, it can be fully charged in about 1 hour.

Super Charging

Real fast charging, equipped with two-way inverter technology.

Switch Control

The charging methods can be adjusted through E-Switch to meet more input scenarios.


Data Lifesaver in 10ms

Not only can refrigerators and water tanks continue to operate without problems while you are away, but it can also be widely used as a backup power supply for prevention monitoring equipment, PCs, etc.


Air Conditioner




Power tools


TV set

Built to Last For 10+ Years
Durable, Safe, Lightweight

With its upgraded LFP battery chemistry, EENOUR FX has a lifespan of 3000 complete cycles until it reduces to 80% capacity. That’s 6× longer than other power stations with a similar capacity and output.

Weight Dimension
23.6kg475 x 296 x 319.5mm

Formula 1 Inspired Design

Power 15 Devices at once

18kg475 x 296 x 241mm

Versatile DC Output Ports

Expandable Up to 7*X2000

EENOUR Outdoor+

EENOUR Portable Power Station F2000


【E-Combine Technology】

Modular design supports capacity expansion, the maximum number of power parallels is 8 (including the main body), and the maximum can reach 16384Wh (16 KWh), super large capacity, and extended loading time. (The largest number of battery packs in the industry)

【 E-Multiply Technology】

The battery capacity is 2048Wh, rated at 2200W (maximum 4000W in an instant). In order to better match the equipment, in addition to the conventional AC constant power mode, it can carry equipment up to 3200W. A 24V/10A aviation 4-pin plug is also designed (generally, the energy storage will only be equipped with a 12V DC output interface, and 24V is rarely used), which can directly carry the EENOUR portable air conditioners (QN650 and QN750).

【E-Switch Technology】

Diverse charging methods, support AC fast charging 1800W and slow charging 600W, support car charging 12V and 24V, support solar charging, maximum power 1000W, support generator charging
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EENOUR Expansion Battery X2000


【2048Wh Expandable Smart Battery】

- F2000 supports up to 7 x X2000 battery packs, which can expand up to 16384Wh. Besides, X2000 itself can individual be expanded to 7 quantities (7*2048=14336Wh). Note: For expandable use, we will send expandable cable separately for free.

【Standalone LiFePO4 Power Station】

- More than just an F2000 external battery, X2000 has its own outputs, including 1 x 100W USB-C, 1 x 12W USB, 1 x 12V/10A car socket and 1 x 48V/15A XT90 which is designed to connect EENOUR PA600 portable air conditioner. You can power the PA600 by connecting the DC-DC power cord (which is included in PA600 package). There is no power loss from the inverter without using an adapter, so X2000 can power PA600 for a longer period of time.

【Flexible Recharging】

-X2000 can be charged individually with the 200W AC wall charger. Also can be quick charged by connecting with F2000. You can easily charge it through wall outlet, 12V/24V car, generators or solar panels, no need to worry about running out of battery even in outdoor. It is recommended to use the separately sold EENOUR solar panel 200W which has excellent conversion rate.
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