Power Stations

Q1How do I troubleshoot my power station?
If there is any error code or icon shown on the display screen of your power station, you can reference check your EENOUR User Guide to identify the problem and contact us for further assistance. You can try to RESET the unit by following the below instructions. Please note that RESET is used for troubleshooting ONLY when you find your power station is having issues. RESET is NOT recommended for frequent use, especially when your power station is NOT diagnosed with any issue.
Q2How long can the portable power station keep the device running?
You can calculate the approximate charging time as follows:
Run Time ≈ EENOUR Portable Power Output Value Wh* 0.80 / Device Rated Power Consumption
As a reference, if the rated power consumption of the device is 30W, the working time of the device using EENOUR’s portable power supply P2001 will be 2000Wh*0.80/30W ≈ 53.3 hours (approximate value).
*Cannot be used if the rated power consumption or instant power consumption of the device exceeds the maximum capacity of the portable power supply.
*Actual power consumption varies depending on usage, so please check the details page of the portable power supply. Or please consult EENOUR at the time of purchase.

Solar Panels

Q1What are the factors that affect the output of a solar panel?
Many factors affect the performance of solar panels. For example, the strength of the sunshine and the installation angle.
Solar panels are most effective between 12:00 and 14:00, and output is low before 10:00 and after 5:00 due to less sunlight.
The most efficient charging angle is 90 degrees to the sun. Backlight and obstacles should be avoided.

Air Conditioners

Q1What are the dimensions of the accessories of the QN650?
Spot air conditioner QN650
Duct size:
Cold air duct diameter: 10cm (100φ)
Cold air duct length: 25cm~90cm
Exhaust port duct diameter: 15cm (150φ)
Exhaust port duct length: 22cm~90cm
Drain pipe length: 1m
Q2What are the dimensions of the accessories of the QN750?
Spot air conditioner QN750
Duct size:
Duct diameter: 10cm (100φ)
Duct length: 25cm~90cm


Q1How much electricity will it cost per day if the power is on 24 hours a day?
Using the power consumption of an Car Refrigerator, you can calculate the electricity costper hour of use. Here is the formula.
electric bill:
= Power consumption per hour (kW) x Hours of use (hours) x Unit price per kWh (USD/kWh)
= Power consumption per hour (W) ÷ 1000 x Hours of use (hours) x Unit price per kWh(USD/kWh)
* Since the power consumption per hour written on electrical appliances is displayed inW, when converting W to kW, power consumption (W) ÷ 1000
For example, an Car Refrigerator with 50W power consumption
The theoretical electricity cost per hour is:
50 (W) ÷ 1,000 x 1 hour (usage time) x 27 USD (electricity rate unit price) = 1.35 USD
After 1 day of continuous use:
1.35 USD x 24 hours = 32.4 USD
*1 kW = 1,000 W, so divide by 1,000.
* Calculations are based on an electricity rate unit price of $27.00/kWh (rounded downto the third decimal place).


Q1Can I return my order without a shipping box? I threw away the shipping box. I don’t have a shipping box for my return.
Your unit should be in its original condition with the included chargers and must be packaged inside an outer unmarked shipping box. Please remove ALL of the original labels/stickers on the outside of the box before printing/attaching the return label then drop it off at any FedEx location. If you do not have the original shipping box, any generic box will work just as well.
EENOUR is not liable if your package is damaged or lost due to mislabeling or improper packaging before it is dropped off at the FedEx facility.